Producer, composer, manager, during her life, Anna Sosenko associated with legendary talents of the20th centruy and achieved incredible success in the arts, especially in the areas of music, theatre, cabaret and radio. Sosenko will probably be noted for writing "Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup" and creating and managing "the Incomparable Hildegarde" Sell. Her talents, interests and expertise, however, were far more diverse.

Sosenko was sensitive to the needs of budding talent and throughout her life championed those who she felt could benefit from her assistance. It is through this commitment in her life that Anna felt the need to continue this legacy upon her passing. Recognizing that these talented individuals occasionally needed a "boost" or helping hand, she envisioned creating an award which could be used by an artist for a multitude of needs. Whether a dress or tuxedo, an accompanist or even transportation, the award would enable a performer to cover these necessary costs.

By terms of her will, Anna established "The Anna Sosenko Assist Trust," funded by the bulk of the assests from her estate. According to the terms of the Trust, it was her intention that small grants of up to a maximum of $2000 be distributed from the income produced by the Trust. She specifically stipulated that these awards be given by the Trustees "to aid and enhance the career development of worthy and talented individuals in need of such assistance in the performance areas of theatre, opera or concert." These individuals shall be selected according to the discretion of the Trustees upon submission of an application of need and shall be granted to those individuals deemed appropriate. The grants are to be distributed in a manner to benefit the maximum number of indivudals annually.

The Trustees shall work to maximize the Trust's principal and income through investment, and will work to solicit donations from the entertainment community. It is our hope that Anna's name will thereby be perpetuated through the support of these worthy talents.

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